Establishing the Market Leader Position
through Provisioning of Advanced Energy Solutions

Solution provisioning that includes cloud-based software contributing to
enhanced consumer services by electric utilities.

EDMI was originally founded in Australia more than thirty years ago and has kept a market leader position. The 2012 public release of “Power of Choice”, government-led reforms to open the electric power market and electricity prices, called for the providing of beneficial services to consumers in Australia.
Consumers were to be given more choices in the way they used electricity.
EDMI has subsequently proposed to electric utilities the introduction of comprehensive energy solutions that integrate smart meters and cloud-based software. The solutions permit utilities to offer a variety of consumer services.

99% communication success rate leveraged to other regions.

In New Zealand, smart meter gained early recognition following projects to enhance the operation and management of transmission and distribution grids. EDMI has earned a market share of around 75% in New Zealand through the delivery of more than 1 million smart meters in a country of only 2 million end points: another position of market dominance. The communication system for both industrial and residential meters adopts public cellular networks for smart installations, and the communication success rate with the headend systems is 99% or higher. Leveraging this track record, EDMI actively seeks development into other regions for its comprehensive solutions that include headend systems.