OSAKI Group’s Charter of Corporate Behavior


The Osaki Group aims to attain sustainable growth and contribute to the development of global society on the basis of fair and free competition.
All management members and employees of the OSAKI Group comply with relevant laws and regulations, including their principles, and with a strong sense of ethical values, conduct with initiative in a socially responsible manner by acting in line with the following principles: 


  1. Sustainable Growth
    We strive for sustainable growth as a global provider of safe, high quality and value-added energy solutions.
  2. Fair disclosure of information and constructive communication with stakeholders
    We disclose corporate information in a proactive, fair, and timely manner, and engage in constructive communication with a wide range of stakeholders, with a purpose of establishing trustful relationships with them and enhancing the corporate value.
  3. Relationships of trust with our customers
    We provide our customers with appropriate information about products and services, communicate with them in good faith, to earn their satisfaction and trust.
  4. Reform of work practices and enhancement of workplace environments
    We pursue work practices that help our employees to develop their career and capabilities, and that respect their diversity, character, and personality. Also, we provide safe and healthy working environments and ensure work-life balance.
  5. Respect for human rights
    We conduct business that respects the human rights of all persons. We will take no part in any discriminatory action at all phases of our businesses. We respect and accept diversity in our employees, and provide them with fair working conditions and opportunities to grow professionally.
  6. Fair business practices
    We engage in fair and free competitions, appropriate transactions and responsible procurement. We also maintain a sound relationship with political bodies and government agencies.
  7. Engagement in environmental issues
    We provide products and services that are energy efficient and support conservation activities, to pursue reduction of environmental impact and realization of sustainable society.
  8. Contribution to social development
    We actively engage in community activities and contribute to social development as a good corporate citizen.
  9. Confronting antisocial activities
    We firmly confront all antisocial influence and organization, and reject any association with all entities which threaten the order and security of civil society.
  10. Thorough crisis management
    We conduct thorough and organized crisis management in the face of actions by natural disasters, cyberattacks and terrorism.
  11. Responsibilities of top management of the OSAKI Group and implementation of the Charter
  1. Our management recognizes that it is their role to realize the principle of this Charter, build effective corporate governance system for the conduct of business, and strive to raise awareness of the Charter's principle throughout the group to achieve its full compliance. Our management also encourages behavior in its supply chain based on the principle of this Charter.
  2. In the event the principle of this Charter is not complied, the management shall immediately respond to the situation, including resolving the problem, investigating the causes, and preventing the problem from recurring.