Mid-term Management Plan

In carrying out the Mid-term Management Plan, OSAKI will take the following strategies.


(1) Developing value-added smart meters and expanding energy solutions (Japan)

  • Accelerate R&D and reinforce manufacturing framework for next-generation smart meter.
  • Expand value-added energy saving solutions business in decarbonization, and develop and provide a packaged service leveraging green technology.


(2) Developing new products and services (Japan)

  • Collaborate with various partners to accelerate technology development and reinforcing marketing
  • Leverage management resources and reinforce framework to create and market new products and services that will contribute toward building a sustainable society


(3) Expanding global business focused on profit

OSAKI Group will execute the following measures in the focus regions including Oceania, Europe with particular focus on UK, and emerging countries in Asia and the Middle East.

  • Expand high-valued solution services suited to various markets
  • Streamline organizational functions including R&D locations
  • Reinforce supply chain management


(4) Building resilient group operations

  • Strengthen the development and utilization of the Group’s human resources
  • Strengthen Group risk management
  • Strengthen financial structure and optimally allocate management resources
  • Promotion of sustainability response


(5) Shared value

In carrying out the aforementioned strategies, OSAKI acknowledges the importance of shared value to achieve its mid-term management goals. Therefore, the Company will carry out internal campaigns to clarify important values and take thorough measures to share the OSAKI values once in for all among its employees and related stakeholders.

Mid-term Management Plan

Finanicial and Management Targets

♦ Financial Targets

♦ Management Targets


♦ Sales by Busines Portfolio


 Reference: OSAKI Value Creation Process


Business Portfolio Management

The OSAKI Group carries out the aforementioned strategies by managing the business portfolio below.

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