Mid-term Management Plan (Fiscal 2024-2026)

In carrying out the Mid-term Management Plan, OSAKI will take the following strategies.


(a) Supplying added value to social infrastructure centered on smart meters (Japan)
In the Japan market, an optimal production system for second-generation smart meters, scheduled for full-scale deployment in Fiscal 2026, will be built out with the aim of securing steady earnings. At the same time, the company will develop markets by creating new value for social infrastructure, introducing DC meters that can expand the use of renewable energy and electric vehicles.

(b) Supporting the streamlining of customers’ operations (digital transformation) by harnessing digital technology (Japan)
Smart locks contribute to labor savings in managerial operations of the rental properties market. The introduction of new products and stronger collaboration with partners will lead to expanded adoption in the rental properties market, other housing markets, corporate offices, etc. In addition, acquiring new installations and capturing replacement demand from existing customers are targeted for automated meter reading systems that reduce the burden of facility management operations.


(c) Providing comprehensive Green Transformation Solutions to achieve decarbonization (Japan)
Capitalizing on the growing urgency of decarbonization, energy management services will develop new customers across other industries as well as in the distribution and retail industries, where our current customers are engaged in physical multi-outlet operations. In addition, the company will increase profitability with further offers to current customers of high value-added green transformation solutions alongside the structuring of business platforms for new green transformation solutions that have potential to become future growth pillars.


(d) Transformation into profit-oriented business (Overseas)
The following initiatives will roll out in Oceania, Europe centered on UK, Asia, Middle East and Africa to further the transformation into a profit-oriented business.

  • Provision of high value-added solutions tailored to market characteristics
  • Reinforcing the commercial and industrial meter business
  • Exit from low-profit markets
  • Organizational reforms


(e) Building resilient Group Operations platform
The Group will implement the following initiatives to build a resilient group operations platform.

  • Build strong teams by developing and deploying talent
  • Strengthen group-wide risk management
  • Improve capital efficiency and optimize cash allocation
  • Promote sustainability initiatives

Mid-term Management Plan

Mid-term Financial Targets

(1) Consolidated Financial Targets

(2) Financial Targets by Business Segments


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