Mid-term Management Plan

In carrying out the Mid-term Management Plan, OSAKI will take the following strategies.


(1) Developing value-added smart meters and expanding energy solutions (Japan)

  • Accelerate R&D for next-generation smart meters expected to launch in FY2024 and explore added value for new smart meters
  • Select market that leverages OSAKI’s strength in energy solutions, and expand businesses related to energy management and labor saving to increase market share


(2) Developing new products and services (Japan)

  • Leverage management resources and reinforce framework to create and market new products and services
  • Collaborate with various partners to accelerated technology development and reinforcing marketing


(3) Expanding Global Business (outside Japan)

OSAKI Group will execute the following measures in the focus regions including Oceania, Europe with particular focus on UK, and emerging countries in Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

  • Expand solution services that connects hardware and software
  • Establish global development framework to accelerate next-generation hardware/software development
  • Reinforce production structure and decentralize manufacturing sites for BCP


(4) Building resilient group operations

  • Strengthen corporate governance and risk control
  • Elevate financial soundness
  • Build strong teams by training and allocation

Developing value-added smart meters and expanding energy solutions (Japan)

Leveraging IoT and AI technologies, the Group is reinforcing solutions business for automated power control and meter reading services. 

Automated power-saving system, “Energy Management System”

AMR “Smart Metering System”

Developing new products and services (Japan)

New lineups of IoT solutions services are offered as “watch series.” Currently, the company offers services to rental apartments and developers, retails, farms and agricultural industries.

Accelerate co-creation of new value with partners at OSAKI’ open innovation laboratory.

Expanding Global Business (outside Japan)

EDMI is a leading global Smart Energy Solutions provider, dedicated to the design, development and manufacturing of innovative and technologically advanced energy meters and metering systems for the utility industry. Headquartered in Singapore, the company has deployments in more than 100 countries worldwide.