Declaration of Personal Information Protection by Osaki Electric

Established in April, 2005


Osaki Electric Co., Ltd. (hereafter Osaki) recognizes importance of personal information protection in the sophisticated information-communication technology society and makes efforts to protect personal information of our customers
(hereafter Personal Information).


  1. Acquisition of Personal Information
    Osaki acquires Personal Information by way of legally appropriate and fair measures.
  2. Purpose to utilize Personal Information
    Personal Information acquired by Osaki are utilized to the extent of necessity in line with the following purposes:
    -Manufacturing, sales and repair/maintenance
    -Development of new products and provision of services and information to customers
    -Answers to customers' inquiries and questions as well as execution of questionnaire survey
    -Implementation of other tasks related to Osaki's business
  3. Provision of Personal Information to Third Party
    Osaki does not provide Personal Information to third parties without prior consent of our customers, except matters stipulated by law.
  4. Entrustment and Joint Utilization of Personal Information
    In case Osaki entrusts treatment of Personal Information to other party or jointly utilizes the Information with specific entity, we properly oversee safe management of Personal Information after conducting strict inspection on the entrusted party or the joint entity.
  5. Management of Personal Information
    Osaki maintains accuracy of Personal Information and manage them safely.
    We also take appropriate security measures against fraudulent access and computer virus to computers in order to prevent loss, damage, falsification and leakage of Personal Information.
    Osaki prevents Personal Information from the Information take-out of our offices and the data transmission to outsiders.
  6. Organization and System
    Osaki appoints a supervisor on Personal Information and conducts appropriate management of the Information. In addition, we educate directors and employees on protection of Personal Information and its appropriate management, and make penetrate proper treatment of Personal Information into the whole company on a daily basis.
  7. Creation, Execution, Maintenance and Improvement
    Osaki creates Personal Information Protection program (including this declaration, “Rules for Personal Information Protection” and other rules and regulations) and acknowledge them to our directors and employees as well as maintaining and improving those contents periodically.
  8. Disclosure and Modification of Personal Information
    When customers request us to disclose and/or modify their own information, we will disclose and/or modify such information after confirming their identification.
  9. Contact on Personal Information Protection:
    General Affairs Department



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