OSAKI ELECTRIC Environmental Charter

OSAKI ELECTRIC contributes to society by pursuing energy solutions and creating new value through energy management based on measurement, control and IT products and systems. The Company’s environmental philosophy of contributing to the conservation of the environment and the local community states that it shall contribute to the environmental conservation of the region and the planet.

Action Guidelines (OSAKI ELECTRIC)

  1.  Recognizing the vital importance of protecting the planet’s environment, we shall strive to remove environmental pollutants, save resources and energy, and use waste reduction and recycling to continuously reduce our environmental impact in all of our business activities.
  2.  Establish and maintain an environmental management system for continuous environmental conservation.
  3. Comply with environmental laws and regulations and conserve the environment of local communities.
  4. Use environmental audits to evaluate and review the implementation status of specific environmental objectives and targets.
  5. Promote their understanding of these guidelines among employees, and raise their awareness of environmental improvements.
  6. Strive to develop as a company rich in humanity by providing each employee with a clean and healthy work environment.