The OSAKI Group promotes activities to ensure that employees comply with legal requirements and observe high ethical standards.

Basic policy

The basic Group policy is that officers and employees shall comply with the letter and spirit of laws, show social common sense in their actions and fulfil their social responsibilities at a high ethical level under the principles set out by the Group’s Charter of Corporate Behaviour.

Compliance code of practice

The code of practice is based on the Corporate Philosophy, with the Charter of Corporate Behaviour forming the action guidelines that define the basic policies and principles of compliance. These include 22 compliance items of the OSAKI Group Compliance Handbook, and internal rules and regulations based on legal requirements, which officers and employees are required to observe.

Compliance manual

Based on the compliance policy, the Compliance Handbook includes a compliance manual of 22 items showing guidelines related to specific compliance actions to be taken by all executives and employees. The handbook is handed out to promote compliance educational activities.

OSAKI Group Helpline

To strengthen compliance management, the OSAKI Group has established a helpline system to handle information or consultations related to organisational or individual violations of law and fraudulent acts.
Such information is reported internally, as well as externally via a law firm that is independent of the company. Information is reported anonymously in verbal, written form or by email, etc. Whistleblowers are assured that they will not be subject to dismissal or other unfair treatment for their action.