EDMI’s Global Hub in Singapore Delivers Solutions
that Align with Needs Held by Countries and Regions

Compiling and leveraging cases from all around the world:
implementation of advanced R&D.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Osaki Electric, EDMI is headquartered in Singapore, an Asian center of trade, transportation, and finance. The headquarters serves as the global hub for product supply to all regions worldwide. The level of engagement among Asian countries differs with respect to smart meter introduction. EDMI leverages its experience cultivated in regions with earlier records of installation as cases to support the needs of other countries and thus to develop those solutions.

Japanese production technologies driving further quality enhancements.

EDMI’s principal manufacturing sites for global products are located in Senai (Malaysia) and Shenzhen (China). The Malaysian plant mainly manufactures smart meters. The installation of state-of-the-art facilities and proprietary systems has been augmented with the acquisition of certifications related to European Directives and measuring instrument manufacture systems. These activities ensure a manufacturing system for high-quality products. The Chinese plant mainly manufactures smart meters for emerging markets. It has also installed a production line that satisfies the rigorous quality standards for Japanese market.