our first 100 years, our next 100 years: 


Electricity meters make invisible electric power visible—we have been developing
and supplying measurement and control equipment over the first 100 years.


Evolution of visualization will continue for the next 100 years—we will
contribute to society by providing diverse services to places and people all over.

The electricity meter enabled something invisible to be seen through numerical accumulation. Through development and supply of the electricity meter, as well as various measurement and control equipment, we have enabled the effective application of energy, to people’s lives and the electric power companies.


Anything invisible makes us uneasy; in other words, visualization offers us a sense of assurance. For the next 100 years, Osaki Group will drive this visualization and evolve further.


The five offers in our Watch Series can “measure” the environment, and to connect and control at times. The connections for people to devices, people to services, and people to people create infrastructure for greater expedience and safety in our daily lives and in business enterprise.

OSAKI will innovate value and contribute to society further through products and services that visualize the invisible—thus far achieved through the electricity meter, smart meter infrastructure, and Watch Series.