EDMI is a leading global Smart Energy Solutions provider. Headquartered in Singapore, the company provides products and services to over 100 countries. We are dedicated to the design, development and manufacturing of innovative and technologically advanced energy meters and metering systems for the utility industry.

With significant population increases and marked economic growth, Asia has seen vigorous corporate activity accompanied by a ballooning demand for electric power. Stable supply of electricity is becoming a challenge, and demand is growing for smart meters practical for efficient electric energy use and accurate billing of electricity usage.

The rise in electricity tariffs resulting from capital expenditures to ensure stable electric power supply has become a societal concern for Australasia. The installation of smart meters to ensure efficient energy usage and cost control is continuing.

Smart Grid conversion is underway in Europe to adapt renewable energy for a low-carbon society. The smart meter is considered as critical device to improve energy consumption efficiency and increase renewable energy supply, and its installation is accelerated to households and companies.